Fabric Booty Bands by Boss Fitness (Set of 3 + Carry Bag)

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Introducing our premium, highly resistant fabric booty bands: the ultimate tools to use in your workout whether you train at home or use them as part of your gym routine. This kit has everything you need to perform a limitless range of lower body workouts. They’re super easy to use and you will start to see a tighter, sculpted and toned booty + lower body by using them for just 10-20 minutes a day.

These durable, strong fabric bands are made with unique woven stretch fibres to give a range of motion whilst still remaining comfortable to use on your skin. The inner latex grip inside these bands means they will NOT ROLL during any exercise you perform. The strong and advanced fabric has been designed to ensure they will NEVER snap or break whilst you use them.

These bands allow you to get incredible results without needing any other piece of equipment or a gym - train in the comfort of your own home or anywhere on the go (as it comes with a light mesh carry bag). Using these bands when you train means you will get up to 500% more glute activation in your workout meaning you will see results even faster. These bands will also help you correct your posture and improve your squat form all while burning fat and toning your muscles.

Whether you’re starting your fitness journey as a beginner or an advanced athlete, these bands are suitable for all levels of fitness. Challenge yourself with our light, medium and heavy resistance - start with the light and move your way up to the heavy. The weight strength in our bands comes from the different elasticity within the fabric which means they will provide resistance in the full range of motion.

This Fabric Booty Bands Bands Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Light Fabric Band

  • 1 x Medium Fabric Band

  • 1 x Heavy Fabric Band

  • 1 x Boss Fitness Mesh Carrying Bag

Resistance Bands Material: Cotton, Polyester & Elastane.

Customer Reviews

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Yasmin Khaled
No regrets!!

Honestly the best sweat belt I’ve worn, and it gives amazing back support, had to buy one for my husband.

Sandra Ibrahim

Love it! Works so well!

Aria Mayell

Fabric Booty Bands by Boss Fitness (Set of 3 + Carry Bag)

Rebecca Reader

Fabric Booty Bands by Boss Fitness (Set of 3 + Carry Bag)

Nahreen Kaae

Fabric Booty Bands by Boss Fitness (Set of 3 + Carry Bag)