At Home Pregnancy Guide


The ultimate at home pregnancy guide. Exercising while pregnant has many benefits for both you & your baby. Increase your strength, sleep better, set yourself up for an easier labour and prepare for an incredible recovery. 

Many women struggle with getting back into shape after they give birth however it all starts with exercising during pregnancy, not just after as many people believe. 

No subscriptions, no gimmicks or fads: just a one off investment which will last you a lifetime. Perform all these workouts at home with very little equipment needed.

In this guide you will receive: 

  • Healthy Eating Guidelines

  • Connecting Your Mind, Body & Soul

  • Quick & Easy Snack Recipes For Your Cravings

  • Detailed Workouts, Drawings and Descriptions for your Second and Third Trimester

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This program is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional or medical advice. We do not accept refunds.

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