Best Friend Boot Camp: Tight and Toned Challenge

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The ultimate best friend boot camp! Don’t work out alone: we’ve found that training together with a partner has more benefits. We strongly believe some people need a training partner as their key to success.

This uniquely designed guide will help you achieve a tight and toned body in just 8 WEEKS through high intensity training. All workouts in this guide require a partner to successfully complete.

No subscriptions, no gimmicks or fads: just a one off investment which will last you a lifetime. Perform all these workouts at home with just your partner: no equipment needed!

In this guide you will receive: 

  • Detailed Workouts, Pictures of us Completing Them with Descriptions

  • Timetables, Safety Checklists & Important Information

  • Eating Smarter Guidelines

  • Motivating Playlist Guide

  • And Much More!

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This program is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional or medical advice. We have written this program based on our personal experience and results. Note: we do not accept refunds.

Ensure you download the book within 24 hours as the link expires. Please email for any further information or queries.